As for every update process, you have to backup some data before processing any upgrade:

  • backup your database;

  • backup your config directory, especially for your GLPI key file (config/glpi.key or config/glpicrypt.key) which is randomly generated;

  • backup your files directory, it contains users and plugins generated files, like uploaded documents;

  • backup your marketplace and plugins directory.

Here are the steps to update GLPI:

  • Download latest GLPI version.

  • Ensure the target directory is empty and extract files there.

  • Restore the previously backed up config, files, marketplace and plugins directory.

  • Then open the GLPI instance URI in your browser, or (recommended) use the php bin/console db:update command line tool.


As soon as a new version of GLPI files is detected, you will not be able to use the application until the update process has been done.


You should not try to restore a database backup on a non empty database (say, a database that has been partially migrated for any reason).

Make sure your database is empty before restoring your backup and try to update, and repeat on fail.


Update process will automatically disable your plugins.


Since GLPI 10.0.1, you can use the php bin/console db:check command line tool before executing the update command. This will allow you to check the integrity of your database, and to identify changes to your database that could compromise the update.

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